Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Picture it...Sicily

Just a little "Golden Girls" humor there.
So, you've finished a long day at work, & just left the grocery store (with husband and children in tow). You find yourself in line at the fancy new "double" drive-thru at your local McD's (yes, we eat out after being at the grocery store. Got a problem with that?). Suddenly, your son, who is 3, shouts "C'on asholes!" You immediately look at his father since he has that same angst ridden, road rage mouth.

Is it wrong that I wanted to laugh?

Discuss amongst yourselves.


Morgan's Mom said...

Welcome to the dark side......WWWHHAAAHAAHAA

Morgan's Mom said...

cute header did you do that yourself?

susanhren said...

Wow - impressive madam blogger! I have absolutely nothing interesting to say, but I'm in awe of you!

K said...

obviously, since my children are non-existant and perfect, they would never swear.... so I think you are terrible parents

in all honesty, I'd have laughed out lout! Aunt K isn't going to be good for being helpful with the maturity issue at all