Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do They Really Have More Fun?

This is Rachel. She is seven, beautiful blonde hair, bright blue eyes. If she ever gets boobs, we, as parents, will be screwed. Luckily, daddy is a redneck, & owns many shot guns. Last night, we went here for a school fundraiser. We weren't in the building 5 hot minutes before 2 boys were screaming "HI RACHEL!" Then later a third boy is telling her that a fourth boy loves her. She's great about it too, because she doesn't even acknowledge them. As if this is normal.

What is it about men & blondes?



K said...

You are in trouble... she is so cute.

Diva ME said...

I think it's just the stereotype that little boys here. men, I don't think, are as hung up on blondes. Now the blue eyes...there your screwed.

Diva Me said...

And she WILL grow boobs one day

Morgan's Mom said...

yep you got yourself a little trouble there. Keep raising her strong and independent(love the fact she ignores the boys mating calls) Diva is right she WILL grow boobs one day!