Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thank you Dr. Mom...

We all know the miracle drug. But why is it that we need a prescription for it? I mean, it can be purchased for $4, so why make me miss work for a doctor appointment, or worse, pay an ER bill when I KNOW what's wrong?

It started Friday morning with Eddie throwing up hurling three times. Then, the fever started. He battled off & on for two days with Motrin. Then, the rash came. I was sure it was strep with scarlet fever. Eddie had it last year, & I've heard once you get them, you ALWAYS get them. Anyway, we finally made the executive decision for James to take him to the ER late Saturday night.

Diagnosis...strep & scarlet fever...DUH!


Diva Me said...


Maybe the medival community fears we'll become addicted to antibiotics...I hear it's pretty psychodelic when you smoke it.

Or actually, I think they fear we'll become immune to it if it's at our beck and call...and then it no longer works.
That's my assvice for today.

Diva Me Can't Type said...

And I meant MEDICAL not Medival...how funny!

Morgan's Mom said...

antibiotics are pretty medival when you smoke it!!
Poor little guy, I hate sick babies! Hope he is doing better soon.