Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pimp My Living Room...

It's design time at Fer Food. Just a little break from the norm. I need you to weigh in. We purchased a new couch, & now I'd like to update the living room to go with it. I'm moving into adulthood by trying to match colors & concepts instead of willy-nilly pieces, & I'd like to break from mid-west ideals into contemporary style.

Here's the couch:
I'm looking to add an area rug underneath, so here's a close up of the accent pillows for color:

My first choice of places to shop is Overstock since their shipping is only $2.95. Let's face it, that's less than a gallon of gas. While I know good style isn't always cheap, it doesn't have to be expensive either. So, I'd like to stay under $200.

Next is the wall. Don't laugh. I once thought this looked good.

I've decided it's time to purchase some REAL artwork. I truly like this site as it's handcrafted originals & not that mass created crap found in stores.
So, that's it for now. Let the creativity flow...


K said...

love the couch and pillows!!! but don't ask me for design advice, ask Steph, I'm an accountant, everything in my house is a neutral and placed in perfect order

Morgan's Mom said...

Love the sofa! It would not look that nice 2 seconds at my house and it would be loaded with dog hair.

As for the rug I would go for a natural cream or beige one color, it is going to be difficult matching all the colors and patterns in your pillows unless you get lucky.

Diva Me said...

Your going to need to pull at least 2 colors out of those pillows in the rug you select. I think you mentioned a square design rug? That might be a cool twist- stay with the same colors (not a red, it will never match) and mix up some geometric shapes!

And get the scary shelf of gnome people down off of your wall!

Diva Me said...

What about the New Zealand Rug or Rodeo Drive deco?

How much does it cost to ship a rug back if the colors are wrong?